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Hummingbird Feeder Kit: 25-Pack Handheld + 2 Mini + 4 Cleaning Brushes - Ideal for Classroom, Scout Troop, After School Program and More!


Red, Yellow

Get closer than you ever dreamed to these wild flying gems! Exciting and educational for students, children and nature lovers of all ages! Ideal for all who appreciate and want to interact with the beauty of nature! An exceptional gift idea, sure to please in any season of the year! Includes 25 handheld feeders, 2 mini feeders, 4 perfectly-sized cleaning brushes and easy step-by-step instructions!

  • STUDENTS LEARN TO ATTRACT hummingbirds to feed in their very own hands!
  • CREATE A HABITAT FOR your schoolyard, park and more!
  • TEACH BIRD BEHAVIOR THROUGH close interaction!
  • HELP YOUNG PEOPLE EXPERIENCE NATURE IN a whole new and personal way!
  • FUN AND WORKABLE IN MANY seasons of the year!