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Like many people affected by the Great Recession, necessity demanded that we recreate ourselves. The market research company we’d owned for 17 years had given us front-row seats to the world of business computing where everything from cans of soup at the market to car engine components could be managed digitally. Our job during those days was to introduce that technology to potential buyers of sophisticated systems with price tags often in the millions of dollars.

A major plus was that we had to be flexible, able to learn about cutting edge computing in order to craft precise market research questionnaires for our clients—giants that included IBM and Oracle Corporation. Our ages, however, were the inescapable minus. We were in our 50s when the recession hit. Despite our strong resumés, solid track record of successful projects, and the booming technology environment in Austin, we found ourselves unemployable.

The process of bootstrapping over some uncomfortable years eventually led us to online retail. No strangers to technology, we embraced the digital tools needed to establish a business, as we understood the importance of a stable foundation from which to operate. We saw that we could hold ourselves to the same standards in selecting excellent products to sell as we had in the surveys we’d conducted for IBM. We were thrilled and encouraged by this opportunity, and still are!

On a daily basis we enjoy interacting with our customers, answering their questions and learning their opinions of our products. Truly, they are a key factor in our search for useful, interesting, beautiful and meaningful items. The heart of Pathway Inspirations beats with purpose and makes our work rewarding beyond description. We’re proud that this growing business has allowed us to support social betterment actions around the world in the areas of literacy and education, disaster relief and effective drug rehabilitation.

Thank you for coming to our website, reading about how we arrived here and our mission to enhance as many aspects of life as possible. Please let us hear from you, too!

All the best!

Bill & Maida